Mirco wedding

Planning a Micro Wedding

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As every state starts to open up, we are anticipating that, slowly but surely, the wedding season will begin again. Most brides are being faced with the choice of planning a micro wedding or canceling altogether. Planning your wedding during COVID-19 and while social distancing is going to take some additional thinking before you actually start the planning process. With each state and county having different reopening guidelines, there really isn’t a blanket timeline for weddings in 2020.

Regardless of your wedding plans, we are advising our couples to have a contingency plan. At least until a vaccine becomes accessible. As the course of the pandemic is still unknown, it is safest to have a backup plan if your wedding is planned for this year. 

Mirco Wedding

So, what can couples who just got engaged do now? We are asking our couples to consider micro weddings if they still want to have a wedding in 2020. A micro wedding is an intimate event. Typically they have no more than 50 guests. They still feature the same time-honored traditions that make a wedding special but on a much smaller (and safer) scale.

Mirco wedding

Benefits of Micro Wedding

Aside from the obvious benefits of avoiding a large gathering and allowing for social distancing, micro weddings are also typically a cheaper affair! A smaller wedding means a more relaxed atmosphere and a shorter day overall. It can also mean a more casual reception, although some may still choose to have a grand affair on a smaller scale.

Basically, planning your wedding in the age of COVID-19 is going to mean more micro weddings. Like most weddings these days, they can be molded into whatever the couple wants! With technology, you can live stream the ceremony and still include those who may not want to travel at this time.


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