Sister's Double wedding

Sister’s Double Wedding

Double Wedding

A few years ago we had the opportunity to shoot a sister’s double wedding with Vanessa and Corey of Take 2 Photography out of Orlando. It was an honor, a challenge, and a creative dream-rolled into one. We met with Vanessa, Corey, and Alvaro Films to make sure we were all on the same page. By determining how the day would unfold we stayed ahead of any issues that could arise. We decided that each team of photographers would be focused on one couple for the important moments. Furthermore, once we made sure we had the essential wedding photos for both sisters.  Without delay, we covered the rest of their special day as we would any other wedding day. Our goal was to make sure that we told the individual love story, but also shared how these two stories came together beautifully.

sister's double wedding

Very Special Ceremony

Every wedding photographer understands the stress of capturing the love story of their couple through their photography and cinematography. Now imagine two sisters deciding to get married at the same time – a sister’s double wedding! Not only were two sisters Kayla and Lisa, getting married in a double ceremony. Moreover, their ceremony was going to be in English and Vietnamese. Thus, the morning started with a Vietnamese tea ceremony welcoming the new families. The love and sense of family shined throughout the whole day.

sister's double wedding walking down the aisle





Traditional Asian wedding gowns at a sister's double wedding

In The End

In conclusion, I would like to send a special thank you and shout out to Take 2 Photography for inviting us along to work with you to capture a truly unique wedding day experience. From coordinating right through to the actual wedding day everything came together beautifully. Certainly making these sister’s double wedding an epic adventure.

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