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Creating Photos In Unexpected Locations

Creating Photos In Unexpected Locations

I spent this past week working with RC out in Seattle for an retailer, Edna Atelier. Her boutique specializes in bridal couture and couture gowns. Our backdrop for this week was an amazing mansion in Sammamish, Washington, where we photographed a fairytale themed shoot.

A few days prior to our scheduled shoot, We were setting up to capture a Seattle cityscape at the New Castle Golf Course. It just happened to be the hottest day of the year, and the haze over downtown prevented the capture we envisioned.


While doing the scout shots, we turned around and spotted a large hill. The lighting was beautiful, and at just about the time we noticed, a man started to ascend the hill playing a bagpipe. We both immediately grabbed our cameras and started photographing him as he played against the backdrop of the sunset. I thought to myself “what if we were able to make a picture here with a flowing gown – to give it a ‘Sound of Music’ kind of feel?”

We started back at the mansion working through some of the massive collection of Edna Atelier.  While the pics were great – I still had the Sound of Music picture in the back of our heads.

Towards sunset, we decided to go for it.  We packed a Profoto B2 with an 53” Elinchrom Octabox and headed out to the club.  As the sun set, our model went back on the same hill, and we set up for the shot.


While making this picture there were a couple of things that I thought would be important for everyone to remember:

  • You wont always make the image you set out to make but don’t forget to look around you just might find an unexpected location.
  • When you have a picture in your head – its important to follow through.  You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • Pack light and travel fast.

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