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Tips For Finding Your Wedding Dress

Choosing The Best Silhouette

When our brides inquire about tips for finding the best wedding dress. I advise all of our brides to start by looking for the best silhouette for their body type and personality. Are you aiming for glamorous, sexy, traditional, unconventional? Is there a certain part of your body that you are self-conscious about or that you want to show off? Whatever you choose, you want a dress that is comfortable and that makes you feel beautiful! Using these tips when finding your wedding dress does not have to be overwhelming.

If the wedding salon allows it, take quick photos in the dresses you like the most while you try them on. Mirrors can lie, but cameras don’t! This will give you a better idea of how the gowns you like will look in photographs and will help you remember the details as you continue dress shopping and planning your wedding.

Finding Your Wedding Dress

Details matter when it comes to your wedding dress—the placement of ruffles, crystals, or lace can be the difference between a dress you love and a dress you absolutely hate!

This also goes for accessories, such as jewelry, belts, or veils, which can completely change the look of a dress. (Pro tip: buy your accessories at the same time you buy your dress. It can be harder to match colors after the fact, and the ones you want may not be there later.)

Whether you want to feel glamorous, sexy, or like a princess, consider your emotions as you try on dresses as well. How does it make you feel, and how do you want to feel when you walk down the aisle?

Try on as many gowns as you need to, keeping in mind that many dresses look much different on the hanger than they do on you.

Final Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Avoid choosing a wedding dress just because it’s trendy. What is popular now may not stand the test of time, and in our experience, every bride wants her wedding dress to be timeless! You want something that you will still love when you are flipping through your wedding album years down the line. Of course, every bride’s taste is different, so focus on what you love!

With this in mind, remember that hearing too many opinions can make it harder to feel confident about your choice. It’s great to bring family and friends along to your bridal appointments, but consider whose opinions truly mean the most to you.

Finally, don’t freak out about wedding dress sizing! Depending on the designer, dresses can run two or three sizes larger than your normal clothing size. Focus more on how the dress feels than on the number on the tag. Remember, you are going to be in your dress for up to 8 hours, so you want it to be comfortable and fit perfectly!

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